Transformational Conversation

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“The fundamental element that defines the quality of your life is the people you surround yourself with and the conversations you have with them.” – Jon Levy

The purpose of the Transformational Conversation is our personal, intrapersonal and interpersonal empowerment.By intentionally exploring common frameworks in a safely-held space, dialogue and learning are facilitated, which enables us to tap intentionally into our sources of personal power.

When we enter a Transformational Conversation, we open up in full surrender to the conversation itself and with a willingness to relinquish all attachment to preconceived notions about solutions and specific outcomes.


“Put down the weight of your aloneness and ease into the conversation…….” – David Whyte

Transformational Conversation is an informal, semi-structured approach to exploring a range of issues. You, the conversation partner, drive the conversation. You are invited to witness and participate in a process of mutual trust, respect and presence. Ideas are exchanged, experiences shared, and resources offered that contribute in meaningful ways to a shift in our way of being, to release and to innovative action. Fresh possibilities are ignited, which may have been entirely inconceivable at the beginning of the conversation.

As the facilitator of Transformational Conversation, I am intentional about integrating the best of Western educational thought with the wisdom of indigenous cultures from around the globe, as well as skilfully blending powerful conversational techniques and my own personal life experience. Fundamental to each conversation are the values of belonging, generosity, independence/interdependence, and mastery.

I see the following areas as potential entry points for a process of Transformational Conversation:

  • Well-being
    • Emotional
    • Relational (Teams, Parenting, Intimate Partnerships, Friendships, Family)
    • Physical
    • Sexual/Sensual
    • Financial
    • Work/Service
    • Spiritual
  • Conscious Living/Conscious Dying
  • Empowerment Coaching (Benefits, Philosophy, Principles and Practices)
  • Transitions in Life
  • Social Transformation
  • Personal and Planetary Evolution

Such conversations may also have one specific motivator or any number of drivers, ranging from the need for Information to Decision-making, from a need to Express Emotions about a specific experience to an Exploration of Solutions, from Personal Empowerment to Appreciation and Gratitude.


Transformational Conversation will benefit you as it:

  • Facilitates an intentional space in which you are able to focus all of your energy, attention and passion
  • Helps you bring greater harmony into all aspects of your being
  • Helps you achieve a greater level of clarity in expressing your thoughts and feelings
  • Helps you recognise and respond to opportunities with greater awareness and intent
  • Helps unlock access to tools and inner resources of mind, heart and will, and contribute clearer decision-making and spontaneous right action over time
  • Grows your personal conversational skills and a deeper listening to the intuitive mind
  • Creates opportunities for mutual support and service

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