“ShakePeers Conversation” – The Conversation that Matters

Start the conversationLet’s have The Conversation That Matters, The Conversation That Transforms your Life… and Mine!

Have you ever consciously and personally felt the power of conversations about things that matter; things that matter to you, your well-being and the life of our human community?

With this special project, “ShakePeers Project – Conversations that Matter”, I have been having some truly fun, encouraging and inspiring conversations with several individuals scattered across the globe. We have been helping each other remember events, relationships, locations and situations that have shaped our lives.

With some of my recent and current conversation partners, I share a common past. With others, these conversations are about initiating and deepening our connection with each other and laying the foundations for a shared future.

With each conversation, we have also been invited to bring into greater harmony all parts of ourselves, some of which we may long have forgotten, neglected, denied or banned into the hidden recesses of our memories, often causing inexplicable suffering, or simply denying us access to the joyful, life-changing treasures they hide.

I invite you to join me in this series of “ShakePeers Conversations – Conversations that Matter”.

I have 33 light and simple questions, which individually have the potential to take any 60-90 minute conversation in all directions. These questions are memory triggers, but also lead to deeper exploration of that which we value – our highest commitments – and which bits of our personal journey and our evolving truth we wish to share with others.

I use Skype for this purpose. Of course, there are other applications like Google Hangouts or the like that might serve well. However, I have found Skype to be a pretty reliable tool for conducting these long-distance conversations.

Only with your explicit permission, are these conversations recorded via Skype Recorder. I am fully committed to treating these conversations with the utmost of confidentiality. At the end of the series of conversations, you will receive the MP3 recordings for your own reference.

Once I am ready to begin with the next phase of transcribing these recordings and getting down to writing what will ultimately become one or two books, you will also receive the transcript, which you will be able to use in whichever way you choose. At that point, all records of our conversations will be deleted from my files.

I am inviting you to participate in this project because I believe that your story is worth remembering and sharing.

All it will cost you is a regular 60-90 minute Skype call – schedule to be determined by you.

In keeping with my philosophy of gift-giving, you are welcome to give any donation that suits you, whether monetary, service, your love, or a gift-it-forward in some form to someone who needs your gift.

Please, go to Gift-Giving  here on this website if you wish to make a financial donation or if you simply wish to know a bit more about my approach to gift-giving.


  1. Connect with me on Skype at brian-thailand and indicate your reason for wanting to connect (e.g. I am interested in “ShakePeers Project – Conversations that Matter) OR whichever other conversation topic you’re interested in initiating
  2. Send an email to Brian at info@uyahtal-empowerment.com to indicate your interest (See CONTACT)

Of course, as your conversation host, I invite you to contact me at any time should you wish to have a conversation about anything that matters.


  1. All conversations are on a first-come-first-served basis.
  2. Please be on time for your Transformational Conversation via Skype. I shall wait no longer than 10 minutes, after which the conversation will be canceled. You can then choose to confirm another more appropriate date and time.
  3. All conversations are subject to (mutually) empowering gift-giving options. Go to Gift-Giving for more information.
  4. I reserve the right to decline, cancel, postpone or terminate any conversation at anytime if there is a perceived valid reason to do so. I shall notify you in the most appropriate manner.
  5. These conversations are not intended to provide therapy in the conventional medical or legally accepted sense. If, during the course of our conversations, it becomes clear that a form of specialised professional assistance is required, I shall refer you to such assistance and terminate the conversation series.
  6. I may refer you to one of my partners if the conversation matter requires a different and more customised approach to coaching to that which I am able to offer you.
  7. I am fully committed to treating these conversations with the utmost of confidentiality.
  8. All rights reserved! IMPORTANT, please see Terms

I look forward to having this “Conversation that Matters” with you via Skype.

Peace, Light and Love!


Start the Conversation Image Source: www.lovecoverprotect.co.nz