Coaching that Empowers – Structured/Ad Hoc

The Structured Empowerment Coaching offering focuses on all areas of life; from physical well-being, to being open to receiving the resources needed to wholeheartedly live what you love, in and through the work you’re engaged in, to knowing and experiencing the beauty of sensuality and living a fulfilled sexual life, to (re)discovering the power of personal spiritual practices, to finding balance and cultivating habits that serve, to developing nurturing and mutually enabling relationships, etc.

For the full Structured Empowerment Coaching programme of 12 sessions, we use a Workbook, “Empowerment: The Art of Creating your Life As you Want It” [Source: David Gershon & Gail Straub, Empowerment: The Art of Creating Your Life as You Want it . New York/London: Sterling, 2011]. 

WorkbookUsing this workbook, or parts of it, provides a clear structure, which is supportive of the formal coaching process.

The Benefit of this Structured Empowerment Coaching programme is that you will be able to (re)vision the life that you are intended to live, and to (re)discover your life’s purpose. The process will provide you with the tools and personal guidance to manifest it.

  • It goes beyond a therapeutic approach to growth, which primarily focuses on healing wounds from the past. It moves away from the dominant pathological approach of the cultures we live in. Instead, this programme is aimed at helping you and/or your community to envision what you most desire and at enabling you to (re) discover the mental and emotional tools to create it.

We will journey through a process of moving from a state of “wanting” to “creating a compelling vision”, through consciously “choosing”, to having a “sensual experience of having” what you may have started out “wanting”.

If, during the process, you discover wounds along the way, which is likely to happen, you will have the compelling power of your dreams to help you heal quickly and move on.

Throughout  this Structured and Guided, you will be motivated to grow by the power of your personal dreams and visions rather than through your wounds and past experiences. The coaching process aims at watering the seeds of your life rather than the weeds.

The Structured Personal Empowerment Coaching Programme also goes beyond the conventional teacher-student, guru-disciple relationship; walking and working with this process continues to guide and transform my personal growth experience. as well. So, whilst I guide you through your own process, I, too, remain a student and a learner, which may effectively add further value to both you and me. I believe in developing mutually enabling relationships.

The programme is structured around Specific Exercises, several of which are taken from the Empowerment workbook, but also from other sources, as well personal growth facilitation provided by me. It is divided into three parts: developing a personal growth foundation; envisioning your life dreams; manifesting these dreams.

  • There are 12 individual 90-minute weekly sessions (or as agreed). This pacing allows you time to assimilate the growth and maintain momentum and motivation.
  • The process encourages you to prepare for each session in advance by reading and doing a personal growth exercise from the Empowerment workbook or from other reading material provided. This maximizes the focus and productivity of the session. Each session is divided into three parts: an open-ended check-in time; review of the reading and exercise; a guided exercise, discussion and growth facilitation.
  • Each session builds upon what is learned and remembered in previous sessions. To get the full benefit of the programme, we will walk through the programme as provided in the outline.
  • Generally, we will use this sequence, which is based on the prior experience of thousands of people and which has proven the most effective way to maximize the results desired by you. If you wish to spend an extra session or two probing deeper into any particular topic, this can be done can after the programme.
  • At the end of the 12-session programme, you will have inspiring and grounded dreams for each part of your life and the empowerment tools to manifest them in an integrated manner. In fact, you will already have begun to manifest during the actual coaching process. If you wish on-going support in manifesting these dreams, we can continue walking with each other as mutually agreed.

Ad Hoc, individual coaching sessions are available as you feel necessary. At your invitation, I am available to guide you through your emerging questions, always  loosely following the Empowerment Framework as described.

Kindly direct your specific queries to contact. Thanks!