Coaching Dialogue – Philosophy, Principles and Practices of Empowerment Coaching

Coaching DialogueTHE COACHING DIALOGUE (32-40 Hours – Flexible)

The Coaching Dialogue is a process of 32-40 hours facilitated in a semi-open yet defined space where individual and collective courage and the spirit of collaboration are tapped into.

This semi-open yet defined environment encourages the flow of knowledge and wisdom from all participants and utilises the innate visionary and creative power of each individual in the group.

The purpose of the Coaching Dialogue is the empowerment of individuals and small teams freeing and enabling them to participate, co-create and thrive in increasing alignment with life’s natural flow in the personal, community and organisational realms. Participants are taken on a personal journey within the group setting, giving them practical and experiential exposure to the Philosophy, Principles and Practices of Empowerment Coaching, thus providing them with a basket of tools applicable in their respective personal, community and organisational contexts.

The Coaching Dialogue is designed to engender trust within a group setting. Participants come to experience that their ideas, questions and truth are listened to and accepted without criticism, and gain an appreciation for a range of perspectives pertinent to personal and group empowerment other than their own.

The foundation of the Coaching Dialogue is the Empowerment Model.  The framework specifically applied in this work integrates awareness and behaviour change, drawing on four distinct, yet interconnected elements:

  • Awareness (Where am I now? Where are we now?)
  • Vision (Where do I want to go? Where do we want to go?)
  • Transformation (What do I need to change to get there? What do we need to change to get there?)
  • Growth (What’s my next step[s]? What’s our next step[s]?)

The premise of the Coaching Dialogue is that our beliefs and our thoughts determine the life we are currently experiencing. It highlights the observation that our experience of life cannot be transformed with the same level of thinking used to create them. A more desirable experience of life is only possible if we are able to be fully present to our current experience of life, envision and explore new possibilities, transform the limiting beliefs that created the present situation and our experience thereof, and consciously align ourselves with the process of life as it unfolds.

The Coaching Dialogue is designed for:

  • Individuals who are actively engaged in supervising and coaching others, whether in a private, community leadership or executive capacity within an organisation, desiring to enhance their coaching skills
  • Leaders and executives who are intentional about further empowering their respective communities and organisations through actively enhancing the coaching capacity of their community members and staffs
  • Individuals who are exploring personal and/or group coaching as a possible career path

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