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“….I forgot the world still has ISIS and Donald Trumps ! ” (READ)

Two days back I got a phone call ”Are you in the hospital sir?” A female voice. ”No. I’m on leave” ”When will you be there? Mother wants to see you” ”Call me on Thursday and I’ll let you know” From the tone of the query I assumed that they are the relatives of some […]

Service is NOT Self-sacrifice

ARE YOU DRAWN TO SERVE? “To serve is beautiful, but only if it is done with joy and a whole heart.” — Pearl S. Buck ‘Tis the season for giving for many people around the world. But perhaps for you, giving doesn’t have a season. You are drawn to serve others and/or life EVERY day, […]

You Cannot Capture Silence, It Captures You (READ/LISTEN)

You Cannot Capture Silence, It Captures You –by Richard Rohr (Mar 30, 2015) For me, the two correctives of all spirituality are silence and service. If either of those is missing, it is not true, healthy spirituality. Without silence, we do not really experience our experiences. We may serve others and have many experiences, but […]

Why Self Interest is Not in Your Interest (WATCH/LISTEN)

Come and explore with me: “Current common sense dictates that our lives are concerned with the pursuit of self-interest and that altruism, at best, is enlightened self-interest. This assumption has had catastrophic consequences for ourselves as individuals, for the groups we interact with, and for the power relations we participate in. Etsko Schuitema explains in […]