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Suddenly, the world is mine! – Freedom

THIS is freedom: When I suddenly know with every fibre of my being that all of life is mine, mine to be explored, sniffed at, savoured, marked, humped, ignored or even pissed on. THIS is freedom: When, all at once, birth and death, ecstasy and pain, loss and gain, – experience – become my romping […]

8 Clues That We Are Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening (READ)

Come, share your experiences and insights with us: For your reflection, with gratitude and appreciation to :  Michelle Walling, CHLC, In5D Guest In essence, a spiritual awakening occurs each moment we make a choice. However, one day a grand opportunity for awakening occurs that will change the past, present, and the future. When the choice is made to […]

EXPLORATION: Generate more fun in your life! (WATCH)

How can you have more fun and joy in life? Image Source: www.acsu.buffalo.edu

Personal Power #5 – Lightness of Being

PERSONAL POWER #5- LIGHTNESS OF BEING Enlightenment! Take a look at the centre of the word: en-LIGHTEN-ment. Of course, we are committed to our personal growth, to awakening to our soul’s evolution. But, is it possible to think of and experience that evolution as a playful exploration and discovery, rather than a painful chore? Can […]