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Suddenly, the world is mine! – Freedom

THIS is freedom: When I suddenly know with every fibre of my being that all of life is mine, mine to be explored, sniffed at, savoured, marked, humped, ignored or even pissed on. THIS is freedom: When, all at once, birth and death, ecstasy and pain, loss and gain, – experience – become my romping […]

Wholehearted Being and Doing (READ)

In the morning moments, to the energising music of the rising sun, the steady beat of the cool sea breeze, accompanied by the rhythmic clamour of early-morning traffic, and sweet harmonies of birds flitting by, A question arose and bid me dance. It won my heart and grabbed my attention. I willingly joined in the […]

R.I.P. – Activist Laid to Rest

I choose to no longer live under the stress of having to inspire others. I am no longer making life-decisions based on what I think will keep others happy. I cease all effort to make a difference in people’s lives and all attempts to ‘try’to fix them. I cease all striving to become complete through […]