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Let’s Get Physical

I have observed people who live in bodies that are, by all modern medical standards, broken to some degree or another, but who are well, happy, in peace and overflowing with love, compassion and kindness, towards themselves and the world they inhabit, who re-energise the people they encounter and bring healing to their world. And […]

10 Beautiful Life Lessons from Calvin and Hobbes (READ)

“Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes was undoubtedly, an integral part of my childhood. As a child, it entertained me and made me think and laugh at the same time. The comic strip that revolved around a six-year old boy Calvin and his satirical wise tiger Hobbes, is known for its simplicity, humour and light heartedness. […]

WIL Joy in Non-attachment (READ)

I’ve experienced – and thus learned – that, when I consciously (with knowing) move in the space of non-identification with, and non-attachment to a person, a place, a behaviour, an emotion or general state of being, neither to their simple ‘being-ness’ nor to their effects, I know true freedom; at any given moment I am empowered to […]

How to Achieve Your Goals Without Chasing Them by Paige Burkes (READ)

We’re told over and over that we’ll never achieve anything if we don’t have goals, preferably written ones.  Goals get us from point A to point B.  Or do they? What about the path between A and B?  What happens there? There are so many methods of writing, tracking and managing goals that we can […]

A Very Happy Brain (WATCH)

This is the story of how Broody, a very unhappy brain, became very happy. According to Dr. Sood, there is a distinction between empathy and compassion: “Empathy makes you feel others’ pain. When empathy inspires you to help and heal others it becomes compassion. With authentic compassion, by helping and healing others, tangibly or even […]


“We find happiness by engaging with life, facing what is and applying our strengths in giving our best response” http://positivenews.org.uk/2014/blogs/positive-psychology-blogs/15628/positive-psychology-creating-cultural-shift-happiness/