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Suddenly, the world is mine! – Freedom

THIS is freedom:
When I suddenly know
with every fibre of my being
that all of life is mine,
mine to be explored,
sniffed at,
or even pissed on.

Suddenly all the world is mine

THIS is freedom:
When, all at once, birth and death,
ecstasy and pain,
loss and gain,
– experience –
become my romping grounds.

THIS is freedom:
When, punctually, each encounter,
every threat or invitation to play,
each amorous advance or territorial struggle
is greeted with curious equanimity.

The gates of belief and DOGma,
opinion and expectations
that have confined,
judged and oppressed,
limited and restricted me
have been ripped from their hinges.

Suddenly, all the world is mine!

She welcomes me back as the fullest expression of me.

And we dance! – bas/080516