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R.I.P. – Activist Laid to Rest

Activist laid to restI choose to no longer live under the stress of having to inspire others.

I am no longer making life-decisions based on what I think will keep others happy.

I cease all effort to make a difference in people’s lives and all attempts to ‘try’to fix them.

I cease all striving to become complete through ‘rescuing’ and saving others, for I have remembered that each one of us on this planet is complete; no one needs to be saved or rescued.

Whilst I know that action has its place, I have given up frenetic action that is intended to change the world, for I recognise that the world is changed when I mind my own business.


I have chosen to live MY life, the life I have, not some idea of what my life should, could or ought to be.

I am letting go of someone else’s idea of what the ‘right’ thing to do is,  just as I am letting go of the belief that I need to have a purpose, a higher calling, in order to make a difference, in order to BE the difference.


I choose life, my life, the life I have; this is my purpose, this is why I am here

I choose to explore the life that is possible for me and all that makes me come alive

I choose to simply live, for how I am in this world is what ultimately matters

I choose to live into my happiness

I choose to dive deeply into my joy

I choose to sink into my peace

I choose to lean into my pain and into my sadness and disappointments

I choose to boldly surrender and to allow life

I surrender to giving of my best of the moment as life greets me in all of its perfection, its boundless beauty, and its utter ugliness

I choose to let go of those parts of me that are calling to be released

I choose to quietly lay down when it’s time to lay down

I choose to boldly stand when it’s time to stand

I choose to gracefully sit when it is time to sit

I choose to walk joyfully and with spring in my step when it’s time to walk

I choose to run and jump when that time has come, and I will do so with all the energy I have

I choose to speak truthfully when it is time to do so, and to listen with heart, always

I choose to be in harmony with myself and to cease all forms of violence towards myself

I choose to gather together into love all parts of me  – especially those that I have not loved for the longest time – and to simply love them, love them all

In choosing life, my life, the life that is happening, I become the change I wish to see – the love that ripples out from a harmonious life embraces all who enter its space, and lives are touched by the hand of love that holds all things together – when I am at peace with myself, I am already making a difference.

I choose to mind my own business, for mine is the only life I am called to live, mine are the choices only I can make. Only I am responsible for my life. What I believe about myself is my business. What others think of me and assume me to be is their business.

In choosing my life, surrendering to it…..

Old stories are disrupted

The uncomfortable find comfort

The comfortable are irritated and shaken

The lonely find communion

The overwhelmed find healing, solitude and solace

The hungry and thirsty find nourishment and are satisfied

The hurting and dis-eased are empowered

The achievers and the driven settle into being and allowing

Violence is transmuted

From chaos, the new emerges

People and planet know transformation

Not everyone recognises me, for some have been drawn to another

Some walk with me for a season and we know why; others choose another path, which may never again cross the one I am on

Some sit with me and we commune with each other – others join another table, and we eavesdrop on each other and know that, though different and separate, we are one and inseparable, for we share one humanity

Some laugh with me and shed tears of joy, others weep with me and cry tears of deep knowing and sadness

Some smile a smile of recognition, while others sigh in exasperation – maybe because they have forgotten that they know

Some say a new ‘hello’, others a timely ‘good-bye’

Some are a comfort to me when I am in distress, some speak messages that pierce my illusions and awaken me to my truth

Some are inspired, while others leave in disgust or disappointment, or disengage in indifference

I love and live the life that I have, boldly, freely, effortlessly, joyfully, compassionately, inquisitively.

From the spaces of peace and love, I am drawn to, recognise and know those for whom my life is to have some evolutionary and transformational significance – they are drawn to me and we exchange gifts.

As I love and live my life, lives are changed and my life knows its own transformation, as though by some invisible hand whose sole purpose is to guide all that manifests onward, upward and outward into its fullest expression

I wholeheartedly surrender to the life I have, for it is the life lived authentically in pure surrender that opens up the space and that creates the conditions for truth to be revealed and embraced, and for transformation to run its natural course.

It is the life lived with bold authenticity that gives others courage to begin doing the same.

From the space of peace and love, I hear and recognise the inner calling to act and contribute. My ‘self-in-harmony’ heeds the call wholeheartedly. There is no hesitation, no doubt, no second thought, neither do I seek approval or encouragement, nor do I have any need to question my motives, for action and being are being experienced as inseparable, as they have always been! Life and delivery system are now one. My concern is no longer so much as TO HAVE WHAT I LOVE. I am experiencing a stronger shift to LOVING WHAT I HAVE – here, now.

This is the moment when I effortlessly and with grace, ease, courage and dignity, simply do what needs to be done, wholeheartedly and fully present, with no expectations of what the outcome should be, nor of the accolades

This is the moment when the activist in me knows achievement through ‘non-doing’, through resting in the peace and love that always are.

The activist has surrendered to life!

With thanks to Richard Rohr for additional thought-provoking input: Richard Rohr, Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life (2011, 123-124)

BRIANStorming, 13 August, 2014, Edited and Re-posted 14 January, 2015