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Perspective: Going into Partnership with your Emotions

Perspective: Going into Partnership with your Emotions

Many of us have been conditioned to ‘believe’ that emotions like anger, fear, resentment, guilt, sorrow, to name a few, are to be resisted, eliminated and avoided.

And thus, we have learned to judge, condemn and punish ourselves (and others) when these emotions well up uncontrollably and ofttimes uninvited. Emotions (E+Motion) are always pulsating through all of the areas of our life.

Some of us have begun welcoming these emotions as allies and friends, and as teachers and guides to more deeply connect with the essence of life.creative-partnership-with emotions

Then there are those of us for whom emotions are that part of life, which we take great pains to hide. For various reasons, we are uncomfortable with ‘feeling’. Some live in their heads and find it near impossible at times to connect with what they are feeling. Others have not acquired the skill of expressing their feelings. And when they do, they are often only able to express them in destructive ways.

When we begin to open ourselves to a partnership with the emotion we’re feeling, with the underlying beliefs that cause emotional suppression and upheaval, and to an active commitment to allowing a mental clearing through our own personal practices, we allow ourselves the space to begin experiencing emotional wholeness and well-being.

We learn to skillfully, creatively and compassionately work with our Energy in Motion, our Emotions. – bas/010316

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