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Live with Abandon (READ)

For as long as I can remember, this question has accompanied me as I have navigated my way through my personal life circumstances and varied states of mind.

Recently, and more particularly today, I have again been invited to a more conscious and deeper contemplation of this radical thought:

If the outcome of any of our actions can NEVER be fully predicted or known ahead of time – which is true in nearly all cases – what will it take for us….

  • to simply live with passionate and palpable abandon
  • to live with joy and a spirit of generosity
  • to live free of expectations
  • to be mindful of what we can and can not control in life
  • to be wholeheartedly present to each of our choices and decisions as we interact with our world
  • to live in truth, whatever we perceive that to be
  • to quite ‘recklessly’ not mind whatever happens?

What will it take to thrive today in the knowing that all is and will be well in the end?Right-Sidebar Brian Mugshot 3

bas/09 July 2015

Image Source: pureagapelove.com