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Let’s Get Physical

I have observed people who live in bodies that are, by all modern medical standards, broken to some degree or another, but who are well, happy, in peace and overflowing with love, compassion and kindness, towards themselves and the world they inhabit, who re-energise the people they encounter and bring healing to their world.Perfect body1

And then there are folk who are a perfect picture of physical health and fitness, head to toe, and who go to great lengths to maintain their appearance of physical health, but who are unwell, unhappy, restless, at war with themselves and others, who know little of the spontaneous flow of loving-kindness, towards themselves and to the world in which they move and breathe, who sap the life our of life.

I have also observed people who live in bodies that are broken to one degree or another, folk who are always restless, constantly at war with themselves and others, and who cannot seem to find their happiness within, nor channel loving-kindness, who are energy drains.

And I have witnessed folk who live in bodies that have been declared medically fit and in near perfect health who radiate wellness, are moving sources of tranquility and peace, who are happy regardless of their life-circumstances and who never cease to spontaneously bubble with love, kindness and compassion, towards themselves and their world.

Body shapes3The bodies we inhabit each speaks a language of their own, whether through their brokenness or wholeness.

Whether broken or whole, whether cured or living with dis-ease, our bodies are always reminding us that they are but a transient home and that they will fade and pass.

The invitation today is to learn their unique language, not the language of the medical journals or our medical practitioners, nor the language of the porn industry or the glossy magazines. Although they may be inclined to make us believe that their language is a more superior one, in reality, they can do nothing more than help us learn the unique language of the bodies we inhabit as individuals; that is their soul-purpose.

The invitation to us today is to engage in a daily practice of the heart and mind, and to cultivate a lifestyle that together enable us to hear, listen and understand the bodies we individually inhabit and to heed their messages of love.

Our individual bodies are never silent, though we may have muffled their sound.

We inhabit our bodies, broken or whole, for a greater purpose, their soul (sole) purpose;

They are tirelessly pointing us to what is timeless. In their transience, they are ceaselessly reminding us of the eternal and indestructible and ever-present…..

Wellness, Happiness, Peace and Love!

Let’s learn Body Language!

And, in the words of Oliver Newton John,

“Let me hear your body talk”. – bas/020116

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