GIFT GIVING (My Rates and How to “Give”)

Donate-Keep the energy flowingYou may be asking; “So, what do your services cost?” This is not an unusual question, right?? – considering the story of money, exchange and economics we have become accustomed to.

I invite you to begin exploring with me the alternatives as we navigate this time of great change – alternatives that we have lost sight of, by and large over time.

The current money-driven economy with all of its known forms and benefits, including the economy of exchange, or quid pro quo approach, have without a doubt contributed to fear and polarisation, separating humanity and contributing to distrust and enmity.

There is no doubt in my mind that the transition from a money-driven mindset to one of ‘gift-giving’ will not be without its challenges; we continue to live and function in a world where the former is still the more dominant. Nonetheless, I have become convinced that, when we begin cultivating and nurturing generosity, gift-giving and gracious receiving, we are actively preparing the soil for the germination and growth of a different mindset, one which is an expression of, inter-dependence, reciprocity and trust.

I am also convinced that the gift and services I and my friends are able to offer you is not-quantifiable. Sure there are some services that one may be able to put a value to, like the number of pages one wishes to have translated. However, I perceive that the true gift even behind this quantifiable service of, let’s say, document translation, is one of infinite value, one that enables others to rise from a socialisation-induced trance and begin experiencing the fullest expression of what it means to be human.

As Charles Eisenstein writes in his work, Sacred Economics, “The exchange of beauty for money, intimacy for money, attention for money — all smell of prostitution. The distaste of the artist for the world of commerce is not just an egotism that says he is above it all. When money tries to buy beauty, love, knowledge, connection, and so forth, either the buyer receives a counterfeit, or the seller, having sold the infinitely precious for a finite sum, is exploited. It is really quite simple; as the Beatles put it, “Money can’t buy you love.”

Whilst I continue to live in this world where money is still predominantly used as a means of exchange, I will still require money to acquire that which meets my basic human needs. Nonetheless, I am intentional about offering my work as a gift, since only you can decide the value it may hold for you.

I invite you to reflect on the gift/s that you have received and to open yourself to giving – whether it’s of your time, a listening ear, a special skill, beauty, compassion, even natural, material or financial resources that you have acquired over time – to open yourself up to giving generously to those who enter your life, regardless of what they may or may not be able to give you or anyone else. I invite you to be open to hearing and seeing how your gift meets the need of another and to give freely of that gift.

If you value having these conversations, you might wish to make a gift that feels both generous and sustainable to you as a means to support me as I remain committed to this work. Also, If you have the means, you might want to consider a gift that hurts a little bit, which would go toward compensating for those who wish to have these conversations but do not have the resources to make a gift themselves.

To guide you in your decision, all of my work is offered on a sliding scale from 5 – 40 US$ per session. The Gift Payment Options available are: Cash, PayPal or Bank-to-Bank Transfers.

I encourage you to acknowledge and to honour those who have given generously of their gifts, whether you have personally been the recipient of those gifts or not.

I pray that you will be open to inspirational ways of co-ordinating the gifts of those people who enter your life and, thus, to allow them to multiply, grow in quality and quantity, as well as in depth and meaning in order to ultimately, as Charles Eisenstein puts it, transcend “……the needs or gifts of any individual.”


  • Give of your gifts
  • Give what you want and feel you can
  • Give in ways that are appropriate for you
  • Let’s keep the energy flowing
  • If you so wish, let’s have a conversation about how we may be able to best serve each other!

The Gift Payment Options available are: Cash, PayPal or Bank-to-Bank Transfers. Details can be made available upon request.

And, finally………

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