Pull – My Motivation

the pull ropeWhat pulls me is a clear and constant vision I have of a world in harmony, a world at peace, a world aligned, with the active participation of people like you and me who are walking each other through our personal and community evolution as we nurture our inherent resilience and unlock our power.

What pulls me is a deep personal knowing that we are powerful beyond our wildest dreams and that we have it within ourselves to live here, now, authentically, boldly and playfully.

What pulls me is a sense that our true purpose is to live life fully, bringing all aspects of ourselves into love and harmony, as we walk each other home.

What pulls me is the knowing that in walking and collaborating with those accompanying me on this journey, it is possible to co-create the beautiful world our hearts tell is possible.

I am committed to using my life experience and acquired skills and abilities to walking with others as they journey, to guide, explore and discover who we truly are as individual expressions and who we can be together, wherever we are.

As we walk each other home, each with their own abilities, we create a powerful force for nurturing empowered living and resilience in this time of great change, both personally and globally!

Image Source: www.hope.edu