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The Personal that keeps me doing what I do

My name is Brian Arthur Solomon. I was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa.

Whilst my extended family is scattered on four continents, I currently have my homebase in Thailand where I share my life with my life partner and four cats.

I am father of three amazing and resilient individuals, who are, like me and their mother, committed to similar life values, to people and to planet.

In August, 2013, my life was blessed with an addition to our family in the form of a beautiful grandson.

My personal evolutionary journey saw me leaving the country of my birth in January of 1980, to return in 1994 as liaison between my German employer and our partner office in South Africa.

Since 1980, my life in Germany, The Netherlands and other parts of Europe, Africa and Asia has evolved in some truly challenging, interesting and enlightening ways.

I have come to value being in peace and in harmony with all parts of myself, and allowing my passion for life and personal growth to flow through and into my relationships with people and planet. I have come to value our inter-connectedness and inter-being.

I have worked and evolved alongside and together with international NGOs, with individuals and their communities in Europe, Africa, Asia and South-East Asia, in a few positions and functions:

* Youth Counselor
* Area Co-ordinator Youth Work
* Dean of Students
* Donor Relations Administrator
* Community Development Innovations Facilitator
* Organisational Well-being Faciitator/Advisor
* NGO Programme Officer
* Community Development Programme Design Facilitator/Coach
* Strategic Planning Workshop Facilitator
* Country Programme Director (Senior Management)
* Transformational Leadership (Leadership through Coaching)
* Personal Empowerment (Integral) Life Coach
* Networking, as well as enabling mutually supportive intercultural and interpersonal relationships

I remain committed to Integral Personal and Community well-being. In order to be more effective in living this commitment, I continue to wholeheartedly explore various avenues for nurturing resilience and fostering holistic and integral living in the midst of great and constant change.

In 2011, I established this network, called U-Yäh-tal Empowerment. You can read more about that on the ABOUT page. This website is about my work, my vision, my passion, my friends and partners, well, about my walk and my walk with you.

How may I serve you?

I am committed to compassionately, boldly and wholeheartedly serving you and your community through:

* Coaching Dialogue (Facilitated Workshop – Philosophy, Principles and Practices of Transformational Coaching in personal, community, or organisational contexts)
* Conversations that Transform – Hosted, Participant-driven/Semi-structured (Individual and Group)
* Coaching that Empowers – Structured/Ad Hoc- (Individual and Group)
* Culture Change Facilitation – Community-driven, Creating Empowered Community and Organisational Environments
* Collaborative Partnerships – Networking, bringing people, passion and skills together

The personal that keeps me keeping on:

I love relaxed research, reading and writing, when the muse kisses. I get excited about anything that contributes to personal and planetary well-being and lose myself in conversations about related topics, particularly if they are relaxed and there is benefit for all conversation partners.

I enjoy walks, alone or with others.

I come alive spending time in forested, mountainous areas.

I enjoy travel and exploring people and planet.

I enjoy clothes-free living and the naturist lifestyle.

I seek out saunas and steam rooms for the therapeutic benefit they have on body, mind and spirit.

Give me tasty, wholesome foods and fun, silly conversation any day.

Understanding and using all that nature’s kitchen and apothecary provide for our well-being is a pastime that comes naturally and without effort. In fact, as some folks might attest to, I can forget others and their experiences pretty easily when conversation touches on the topic of healthy foods and healing herbs, which have been a passion of mine for a very long time.

I know when to claim my space and crawl into my own shell, for that’s where I get in touch with my core again.

I am a junkie for  SciFi and crime-solving TV Series and Movies, and those which highlight the human journey.

I am loving life more and more and enjoying exploring ways to simply live!

The Life Values that matter to me:

  • Love
  • Loving kindness
  • Compassion
  • Humour/Lightness/Having Fun
  • Presence
  • Wholeheartedness
  • Authenticity/Being Real
  • Undivided attention/Engagement
  • Curiosity/Exploratory Mind
  • Being inspired
  • Being inspiring
  • Boldness

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