Shqipe Malushi

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Life Coach/Mentor/Advisor, Founder of Malushi Enterprises. Malushi Enterprises was created by Shqipe Malushi along with the Malushi Network to offer Empowerment, Leadership, Communication and Change Management trainings, consulting, coaching and mentoring to individuals, organizations, companies, corporations and governments. Through her services, Shqipe Malushi aims to build emerging leaders. As with U-Yäh-tal Services for Social Transformation, so too is Malushi Enterprises connected with a wide range of a diverse global community of trainers and facilitators with a wealth of language skills, as well as cultural and topical expertise.

 Shqipe offers a set of hands-on technical soft and hard skills and tools to help manage change. She fosters a new way of thinking “out of the box” and provides critical thinking skills, helping with wide range of decision making at all levels.

 Shqipe focuses on identifying priorities, setting up goals, crafting a vision, creating a strategy, moving forward with new models and approaches, taking action, and achieving results. They offer a hand to help individuals and communities “find their voice”, enabling them to be able to express what they feel and envision. Their approach is open, collaborative, inclusive and supportive with successful results

Her mission and that of Malushi Enterprises is to inspire, motivate, empower and provide support to individuals, organizations, companies, corporations and government entities through coaching, mentoring, advising, and training development. She aims to help reconnect people with values, so they can create new visions of their life and work. Her goal is to empower people and organisations so they can make individual, institutional or social change, as they emerge and grow from powerlessness to power; learning how to lead without trying. Her Vision is to grow and provide inspiration to people, companies globally and include every culture in understanding and sharing the leadership growth process cross culturally beyond borders; and empower women and men to create a successful life. Her personal values and those of Malushi Enterprises are built on love, trust, friendship, truth, honesty, devotion, compassion, forgiveness and perseverance.