Grasya Bangoy


grace-pic-1-29-mar-2012Grace Bangoy – “Grasya” – Philippines

Information Technology Specialist and Social Entrepreneur

Grace Bangoy hails from the Philippines. She is a returned VSO Volunteer, having served with the international, UK-based Volunteer Agency in Kolkata, India, and in Chiang Mai, Thailand, she has recently returned to her home country, taking back with her a wealth of experience.

She is passionate about bridging the invisible social divide, making the world a better place to live in and she has started with herself and her community.

She regularly blogs at grasya.com and grasya.org and accepts online IT projects in order to be fully location independent and thus travel and see the world again.

Grace is the soul behind developing, managing, securing and technically supporting the U-Yäh-tal Empowerment website.