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Personal Empowerment Training Facilitator, Reporter/Correspondent and Media Trainer at VJPress, Founder and Owner

Physician heal thyself… Immortalized two millennia ago, these simple words are as alive today, ringing across the ages to remind us that healing is first a process of deep inner intention. The strands of history, concentric circles that broadcast our collective story through time, connect us in profound and often unknowable ways. But what is the quality of the narratives that we entertain? Do they contribute to the fulfillment of our potential?

As a professional storyteller in the challenging business of TV news, Dean Adams has seen the power of stories to tear down and divide, but also to heal and transform. In his business, the media have often have magnified and projected tragedy and disenfranchisement far more than stories of hope and change — that is what led Dean to create workshops around empowering personal stories. Like vast stores of treasure, genuine and sincere stories are the substance of our human potential, waiting for the light of intentional consciousness to match them to the right words, sounds and visuals, and to project them with confidence into the world.

Through creative writing and journaling workshops that incorporate sound, movement and guided visualization, Dean guides workshop participants to excavate and, in some instances for the first time, put words and visuals to the stories we’ve been telling ourselves in seven life areas: spirituality, relationships, body, sexuality, work, emotions, and money. He takes participants on explorative pathways to transform and change those stories, connecting with and projecting new narratives into the real and virtual spaces of our lives. In many instances, these stories already will be empowered, in which case he turns the focus on how to embellish and project them with renewed energy and purpose. The workshops are designed as a perspective changing four-day intensive over two back to back weekends, but can be modified in order to balance with busy family and work schedules. Follow-up one on one coaching is also available.

Dean Adams is an award winning producer, director and editor whose work has been showcased in documentaries for the BBC, ABC News and Discovery Channel. He has established himself as a master trainer, teaching journalists for the BBC, TV4 Stockholm and RTL Germany how to film and edit stories in the video journalism (VJ) model. His filmmaking workshops with underground activist journalists, including political refugees, opened his eyes to the empowering nature of filmmaking, written and oral narration, and storytelling of absolutely every kind.

In 2009, Dean met and was mentored by U-Yäh-tal Empowerment founder and Director, Brian Solomon, which led to a scholarship to the Empowerment Institute in New York. Dean is certified to facilitate empowerment workshop groups, and thrives on the dynamic produced through a circle of risk and honest inquiry, and the emotional camaraderie and protection afforded through a group of like-intentioned witnesses.