Partners – Friends I Support

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I understand that living the fullest expression of our humanity and the creation of a ‘better world’ is only possible with the commitment, contribution and action of many as expressions of the one life. When we have achieved a critical mass of committed, conscious individuals who are living empowered lives and are partners with and facilitators of change, I believe that healing of our planet and our societies will exponentially become our experienced reality.

My friends and partners of U-Yäh-tal Empowerment are committed to building a global network of mutually enabling individuals and agencies who share and who are giving of their gifts and talents in order to bring about the desired change in how we live as individuals and communities.

We are committed to enabling you and working WITH you and your community to reclaim and manifest your innate power and wisdom, set clear growth objectives, develop a plan for conscious action,thus assisting you to leverage more effectively your unique gifts, resources, assets and capabilities, for personal and community healing and well-being.

Join us. Become a conscious explorer of life and all of its possibilities. Become a member of our global network of mutually enabling partners. Become part of a growing movement of individuals who are living consciously, and who are contributing positively to social transformation and the healing of our planet.