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Empowered Living and Resilience in the midst of Great Change

U-Yäh-tal Empowerment is a global, independent, non-religious, non-political, personal and community empowerment network, founded by Brian Arthur Solomon in 2011, after more than 30 years of having worked with and for a range of NGOs whose focus was on personal and community development.

The initial purpose was to offer specific empowerment coaching services to individuals and communities in Thailand and Myanmar.

Whilst this purpose remains a key pulling factor, the U-Yäh-tal Empowerment services as described in this website have a global reach and are available to individuals and communities regardless of location, in Thailand, South-East Asia and beyond. The U-Yäh-tal Empowerment services have also evolved over time to reflect the personal growth and shifting focus of all the partners.

So, why U-Yäh-tal Empowerment? What’s in this name?

I understand U-Yäh-tal (oo yeah tahl) to be the ancient Mayan word for “the ripening” – on the verge of bursting forth in blossom or about to bring forth fruit. Seeds are considered to represent the potential of life in all its resilient forms and expressions.

They are the ultimate demonstration of the resilient and creative power of universal intelligence, ever creating, ever bringing forth life.

“The Ripening” expresses the exciting yet naturally miraculous universal truth that the seeds to power, growth, success and happiness, the seeds for bringing about personal, social and global transformation lie within each one of us.

It expresses the wisdom that with the appropriate nurturing, those seeds of a harmonious and authentic life will begin to germinate, grow, blossom and ultimately bear the fruits that they are intended to. We can choose to witness it, ignore it, or become empowered participants and conscious co-creators in the process.

In order for me, Brian, and my friends to walk with individuals and their communities, guiding them into their own power and helping them to nurture their inherent resilience, U-Yäh-tal Empowerment is intentional about bringing together individuals and agencies from various parts of the globe. Each of these individuals and agencies brings with them appropriate talents, abilities and services.

Whilst each of my friends works independently, serving communities in their own unique ways, we are always open to exploring opportunities to support each other and to collaborate for personal and social transformation, anywhere we feel called upon to do so.

My purpose is to walk with you as we together explore the ‘possible’ in empowered living and resilience in this time of great change.

My vision is a world in harmony, alive and in peace!

What I value is:

  • Love
  • Loving kindness
  • Compassion
  • Humour/Lightness/Having Fun
  • Presence
  • Wholeheartedness
  • Authenticity/Being Real
  • Undivided attention/Engagement
  • Curiosity/Exploratory Mind
  • Being inspired
  • Being inspiring
  • Boldness